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Apache Commons CSV 1.5,读写 CSV 文件的 Java 库

时间:2017-09-04  来源:未知  作者:admin666

Apache Commons CSV 1.5 已发布(要求 Java 7+),Commons CSV 是一个用来读写各种 Comma Separated Value (CSV) 格式文件的 Java 库。


withNullString value is printed without quotes when QuoteMode.ALL is specified; add QuoteMode.ALL_NON_NULL. PR #17. Fixes CSV-203.

Fix outdated comments about FileReader in CSVParser #13. Fixes CSV-194.

Fix incorrect method name 'withFirstRowAsHeader' in user guide. Fixes CSV-193.

Negative numeric values in the first column are always quoted in minimal mode. Fixes CSV-171.

Update platform requirement from Java 6 to 7. 

Do not use RuntimeException in CSVParser.iterator().new Iterator() {...}.getNextRecord(). Fixes CSV-201.